The benefits

of F19 Software

1. Save time

Convert Word and Excel to online content. No cutting and pasting.

2. Work in the cloud

Collaborate online with co-creators. Whenever, wherever.

3. Stay in control

Adjust layout and edit content yourself. Preview instantly.

What struck us the most when working with F19 Software is the user-friendliness.
Monique van den Heuvel, Manager Integrated Reporting at Port of Rotterdam
What goes in
  • Import (multiple) Word files
  • Import (multiple) Excel files
  • Import media assets
  • Add XBRL data
  • Insert text
What comes out
  • Export to pdf (high res / low res)
  • Export to a responsive website
  • Export to iXBRL
  • Export to ESEF Report Package
  • Export to Word
  • Export to Excel
Already in the first year, the team saved a considerable amount of time.
Gerrit van de Hoef, Manager Finance & Accounting at Jumbo Supermarkets
What you can do

F19 Software streamlines your reporting process. Combine content, collaborate online and publish your report to pdf, iXBRL and the web.

  • Log in secure (SSO/2FA)
  • Synchronize content (Word, Excel)
  • Edit text
  • Embed media assets
  • Embed feedback features
  • Design tables
  • Build interactive charts
  • Add metadata
  • Adjust PDF templates
  • Adjust page lay-out
  • Build menus
  • Manage multiple reports
  • Preview pdf
  • Preview iXBRL
  • Preview responsive online content
  • Manage user credentials
  • Use workflow
  • Share tasks
  • Add remarks
  • Track versions
  • Validate iXBRL
Create a digital report

in just 3 steps

1. Prepare your content

Optimize your Word and Excel files and collect your media assets.

2. Work together online

Import your content and collaborate with co-creators.

3. Publish multichannel

Simultaneously publish your report to pdf, iXBRL and/or the website.

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We care about your


  • We are ISO 27001 certified
  • We offer SSO/2FA integration
  • We have pentests executed regularly
Structure content once, deliver anywhere with


  • Integrate F19 content in any other platform
  • .NET SDK with Umbraco integration example
  • Supported for developers, by developers

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