Subscription fee

The subscription fee is for hosting your solution in the cloud, the F19 Software and maintenance. Subscriptions are flexible and billed annually. Variables that determine your subscription fee are, among others:

  • The number of environments
  • The number of channels
  • The number of users
  • The number of reports

Project costs

Before you can use F19 Software, your environment has to be implemented and your templates have to be tailored. Maybe you also would like us to deliver extra services such as design, copywriting, content management or consultancy.

You can start small and do most of the work yourself, or you can start with an engaging reporting platform and let us unburden you. It is up to you! 


Business case

Working with F19 makes a great business case!

Save costs and time

You save costs and time when publishing new reports.

Work more efficient

You work more efficient and streamline your reporting process.

Create more impact

You reach a bigger audience and improve stakeholder engagement.

Are you interested?

Let us help you build a successful business case for your organization.

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