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How the port of Rotterdam collaborated online to publish their Integrated Annual Report

For the publication of the integrated annual report 2020, it was the first time that the Port of Rotterdam collaborated with F19 Digital reporting. The unusual circumstances in 2020 and 2021 were the reason that the project team was not able to physically meet. Monique van den Heuvel, Manager Integrated Reporting: “Thanks to the online collaboration possibilities of F19 Software, we have not experienced any inconvenience during the entire project.”

A proven product

In previous years the Port of Rotterdam already published both a website version and a pdf version of the annual report. They were however, realized with a customized solution. Van den Heuvel: “We ran into various limitations of the customization and the adjustments we desired were often very expensive. That is why we searched for a product that had already proven itself. We also wanted to be sure that it would be developed in the direction that we also had in mind: with a particular focus on online communication options. That is how we found F19 Digital reporting.”

The added value of online

Van den Heuvel: “We noticed that few people still read a complete annual report. It actually makes sense because annual reports do not get any smaller. The readers will search for specific information and the internet is much better suited for this than a pdf or a booklet. Besides, online information can be presented more vividly which makes the information much more interesting. Of course, we also keep in mind that many people still prefer a downloadable PDF version. That is why we offer visitors the possibility to compose a PDF themselves on the website. Of course, you can download the complete report as a PDF file too.”

More efficiency

“What struck us the most when working with F19 Software is the user-friendliness. Even colleagues with no experience with online tooling, had no effort at all to get started quickly. We also quickly realized much more efficiency. Much less error prone cutting and pasting is needed because Word- and Excel files can be synchronized. There is less manual work in the layout and we can easily implement substantive corrections ourselves. So, in November we were already able to deliver a formatted version to the steering committee. To us that was a whole new experience.”

Satisfied about the end result

Van den Heuvel is very satisfied about the end result: “From both the management and the shareholders we have had very positive reactions. And the process also ran smoothly. We had contact with F19 Studio weekly and our questions were quickly addressed. Actually quite special when you realize that so far we have only met online.”

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