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How retailer Jumbo Supermarkets optimized the annual reporting process

Since many years Jumbo Supermarkets uses F19 Software to publish the Annual report and the Financial Statements, digital first. This approach brought many benefits to both the Finance department and the Communication department. Gerrit van de Hoef, Manager Finance & Accounting: “F19 Software did what was promised. Already in the first year, the team saved a considerable amount of time.”


Jumbo is a forerunner in the field of digital reporting. Since 2012 Jumbo publishes the annual report online and as a psd with F19 Software. Claire Trügg, manager Corporate communications & Sustainability: “We think it is very important to communicate as transparent as possible with our stakeholders. Not only about financial matters but most of all about non-financial matters. Jumbo is working hard to make business operations more sustainable, and we are happy to provide insight into this. That is why we consciously opt for a multichannel approach. In addition to a hardcopy of the annual report we also have a website which contains all our annual reports and key data, with downloadable pdf versions of those reports. This is how we meet with the wishes of as many stakeholders as possible.”

An efficient way of working

Working with F19 Software meant for the Finance department a new but efficient way of working. Van de Hoef: “Before the process was much more time consuming. To do adjustments we made corrections in the pdf and gave them to the designer. After the designer made the adjustments we got the pdf back and had to check it again. This was a very time consuming and error-prone process. Now that we are working with F19 Software, we can easily edit all text and digits ourselves, directly in the source and whenever we want. We only have to synchronize an Excel file for all the digits in the tables. Then we can directly generate a preview of the pdf and the website, ourselves. Very convenient! Because of this, we were able to deliver a beautiful product to the internal stakeholders like the Audit committee and the managing board, much sooner than we were used to.”

Faster new reports

Trügg: “Until the very last moment we can make amendments ourselves. It is very nice that we are not dependent of third parties. Because often in the last phase before publishing it can be quite hectic. But what we noticed is the time we saved when realizing new reports and various language versions. They can be realized much faster than before because we can re-use templates and content.”
Van de Hoef: “That is also the experience at Finance. Now we can do a roll forward of the annual report and that saves a lot of time.”

Collaborate online

The annual report is a production in which many different disciplines work together. Internally, these are usually Finance, Communication and Sustainability professionals. Externally, these are co-makers like copywriters, designers and consultants. Also at Jumbo several people from different disciplines collaborate.

Trügg: “Collaborating works fine. It is very nice that it can all be done online. Our Communications Agency has also been working with F19 Software for a few years and we are now a well-matched team. You can tell that the people at F19 have a lot of experience with corporate reporting. All of this not only makes producing an annual report more efficient but also more fun.”

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