How BOM ten folded the website visits with continuous reporting

The Brabantse Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij (BOM) is building a sustainable economy of Brabant (state in the south of the Netherlands) together with entrepreneurs. The BOM focuses on sustainable food, a healthy future, climate neutral energy, and the development of promising key technologies. To achieve this the BOM makes sure that start-ups which contribute to this goal, can make a head start and can continue to grow into scale-ups.

BOM provides insight into its plans and performance on an online reporting platform. In the past four years, website visits of the platform have increased tenfold.

The direct cause

Bram van den Hoogen, Marketing Communications Manager: “At the BOM it is all about the impact that the entrepreneurs in Brabant have. That is why we are happy to tell more about that impact, preferably to as broad an audience as possible. Not only to our shareholders but to anybody that is interested in the BOM. A few years ago, we asked ourselves if publishing a printed annual report and an occasional website annually is the best way to do this. Could it not be more effective? F19 then pointed out the possibility of digital reporting, to us.”

Growth path

“Together with F19 we realized a growth path. We improved the reporting platform gradually. That is also why it is so pleasant to work with F19. Their product and services are designed for this method. The software is flexible and can grow with your wishes. The members of F19 Studio understand that corporate reporting cannot be done completely different overnight. That you have to get people on board with changes and that you have to take all kinds of external developments into consideration.”
In the first year of the cooperation the annual report was published to a responsive website and to a PDF. Then also followed the multi-year plan, new annual plans and new annual reports, in short the entire planning and control cycle. For already three years, the platform also includes an actual interactive KPI dashboard, and impact stories are regularly added.

More results than expected

Van den Hoogen: “The goal to achieve a wider range has been largely achieved. In the past four years, website visits have increased tenfold. Besides, we see in the web statistics that the quality of visits is high.”
Has the transition to digital reporting led to more positive results? “Absolutely”, agrees Van den Hoogen, “and we had not foreseen everything. Already in the first year we achieved significant cost savings. The corrections were easily done by us and that saved a lot of time. But what we did not expect was that the platform also would become an important tool for the internal organization. Our reporting platform is now an important driver of the internal discussion about impact. What is impact and what do we want with it? How do we measure it and what do we want to tell about it? It helps us enormously with that."

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