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What is

F19 Software?

F19 is a user friendly, cloud based platform that lets you publish engaging reports to the web, PDF and iXBRL.

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Use F19 Software for

Corporate Reporting

Work together online and publish your corporate reports to PDF, iXBRL and the web.

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Project Reporting

Publish project reports to PDF and the web and let your stakeholders participate in decision making.

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Who uses F19 Software and why?

Marcom professionals

use F19 software to create annual reports, integrated reports and impact reports.

Finance professionals

use F19 software to create financial reports, regulatory reports and ESEF reports.

Project managers

use F19 software to create project reports, EIS reports and research reports.

Creative agencies

use F19 software to create engaging, digital reporting solutions for their clients.

F19 not only makes producing an annual report more efficient but also more fun.
Claire Trügg, Manager Corporate communications & Sustainability at Jumbo Supermarkets

What F19 offers

F19 Software

Convert Word and Excel to online content, adjust lay out and content yourself and publish to multiple channels simultaneously.

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F19 Service

Work together with our full-service studio to streamline your process and create digital reports that engage your stakeholders.

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